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Cascade Academy of Music and Arts

Student Code of Conduct

At CAMA, we strive for excellence in all areas, including student character.  We also feel that communication is important, so we would like to communicate the expectations we have for students while they are on campus or representing CAMA in any way.


•                     Honor the Lord

◦                     Our first and foremost concern is that everything said, sung, played, or done at CAMA is respectful and honoring to our Lord, Jesus Christ.  Wherever you are in your personal relationship with the Lord, we request that your behavior be respectful.   Deut 6:5, Psa 116:1, Mark 12:30


•                     Serve Others

◦                     Look for opportunities to help others.  Whether they are a fellow student, a volunteer parent, or siblings or friends not involved in CAMA, look for ways to be of service to others.   Mark 9:35, 2 Tim2:24


•                     Student Supervision

◦                     Students and siblings 12 years of age and under are required to be supervised by an adult.  If a parent chooses to leave a child with another adult or older sibling, please be sure that the child AND the adult or older sibling know that the child is being left in their care.  If the child/ren being supervised cannot adhere to the general rules or will not submit to the supervision provided, CAMA staff will respectfully request that a parent not leave them under the supervision of someone other than a parent.

◦                     Students over 12 years of age are expected to adhere to the code of conduct and to respond appropriately to direction given by CAMA staff.  Students who are unwilling to respond appropriately to direction will lose the privilege of being independent of parent supervision while on the CAMA campus.

•                     Students 12 and up are to be in groups of no less than 3 if they are unsupervised by an adult.

◦                     In today's society, wisdom would dictate that we err on the side of caution.  We request that students stay in groups of 3 or more when on campus or representing CAMA in any way. This is for personal safety (for example, if a student is going to the IGA or out in the parking lot for something) as well as the protection of character. 

                        Prov 1:6, Prov 3:7, Ps 18:24


•                     Cell Phone Usage

◦                     No cell phones or other electronic devises allowed in the classroom.  In case of an emergency situation, please discuss with the instructor your need to have your device with you.


•                     Dress code

◦                     As part of being respectful, we ask that students adhere to the CAMA dress code as follows:

▪                     We ask that students dress modestly at any music program rehearsal or function. For this purpose, please avoid tight, form-fitting clothing, low-cut shirts, tummy/backside showing, bare shoulders, shorts or skirts above the knee.  

▪                     We ask that any text or pictures on clothing be respectful.



X_____________________________________________________________________________   ____________________________________________

I have read and understand the CAMA student code of conduct.                 Date

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