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Leadership Program


Cascade Academy of Music & Arts is proud to offer two Leadership courses that incorporate the Student Helper and the Accompaniment Team member.  Upon successful completion of one year in this course, the student will receive a certificate of of completion, and 1/2 credit per class, up to 1 credit per year (two or more classes).  There is no charge for this program, as students are enrolled in at least one other class.

In order to receive credit and a certificate of completion, the Leadership student must attend at least 80% of the classes enrolled in, as well as abide by the standard of conduct expected outlined in the Student Handbook.


Students applying for the Leadership course must have previously attended at least one year with CAMA.  Students enrolling in the Leadership course must be a current student with CAMA, in at least one choir, band, drama or strings class.​  Applications are accepted before registration.  Students accepted into the program must attend one meeting prior to classes starting in the Fall session.

Leadership Helper (LH101)


The Leadership Helper course is for students age 13-19 who desire to be helpers in qualifying classes.  An application form must be submitted prior to registration, indicating class(es) the student is interested in help in.  Space is limited in each class, and once a specific class is full, the Leadership student is encouraged to sign-up for another class or be on a waiting list.


Qualifying Classes:​

  • Melody & Harmony

  • In Harmony - Beginning Band (must have prior experience playing a band instrument)

Accompaniment Team (AT101)


The Accompaniment Team course is for Accompaniment Team members age 13-19 who are selected for specific classes.

Accompaniment Team help with the following classes:

  • Melody & Harmony

  • Joyful Sound

  • Jubilee Singers

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