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Online Student Registration only, will be held 

beginning August 22, 2022

Normal class fee information is as follows:

                    $125 family enrollment fee

                    $300 for each student up to 3 students

                              no additional charge for each additional student after 3 students

If your family has one student taking one class for the entire program year, the price breaks down to just under $12 per class. As there are no additional charges for added classes, If your student decides to take more than one class, the price per class goes down. 

For the few families that ONLY have children in the Melody Makers & Happy Harmony class, Read below for tuition & enrollment fees.         

                    $125 enrollment fee plus

                    $300 first student

                    $50 each additional student 

                   Please keep in mind, this only applies while ALL students are in Melody/Harmony.  No siblings in older classes.

Do you have a student who would like to try out for Advanced Band?  Sign up for an audition on the AB Auditions page.

The available registration and enrollment dates are listed in Calendar of Events and Upcoming Dates.

It is important that you read through our Program Information & Student Handbook.

There are no mid-year registrations for band or orchestra classes. 

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